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Sir George Trevelyan
Awakening Consciousness
Awakening Conciousness Cover
Sir George Trevelyan, an Englishman beloved by many throughout the world, was one of the great pioneers of New Renaissance thinking. For a huge body of people in Britain, and many abroad, Sir George became the rallying point for a new initiative in spiritual awareness – 'a spiritual world-view' as he put it – one that has grown out of a need for a greater sense of personal meaning in life and a feeling for the eternal. He has been fondly referred to as 'The Grandfather of the New Age Movement', a title somewhat misunderstood by those who did not know him, as his 'New Age' did not involve the ephemera of cult and fad, but a non-sectarian, holistic outlook, scientific as well as mystical, and a compassionate, global humanitarianism. Sir George was a visionary with magical powers of oratory that inspired a great number of people around the globe. Exactly how many he reached with his twinkling eyes, sparkling sense of humour and fun, challenging ideas and personal encouragement, is not possible to assess, but it must run into many thousands.

Those he reached, inspired, encouraged and helped, have in turn spread their ideas and talents even wider, owing him a debt of gratitude for his courage and unwavering persistence in the face of adversity. For he was truly a pioneer and seeker after truth – not a walled-in, dogmatic truth, but a holistic, boundless truth.
(Adapted from the Obituary for Sir George by Peter Dawkins — see www.sirgeorgetrevelyan.org.uk/obit-dawkins.html for the full text.)

Of the hundreds of lectures Sir George gave, twenty-eight have been gathered for this
collection, covering an inspiring variety of topics including birth, death, education,
meditation and creativity.


The Allegorical Journey
Spiritual Awakening in our Time
The Expansion of Consciousness
The Cosmic Christ in the New Age
The Significance of the Group in the New Age
The Adventures of Dying
Death – the Great Adventure
Release into Light
Thoughts on Childbirth in the Light of the Holistic World Picture
Outer World, Inner World
Shakespeare and the Vision of Wholeness
Music as a Cosmic and Spiritual Power
The Seeing Eye in Architecture
The Deeper Symbolism in Heraldry
Birds in Imagination and Poetry
Man in Nature
Repaying the Sacrifice of Animals
The Polluted Planet and Living Spirit
The New Pilgrimage
Towards an Adult Education for the Spirit
Living Ideas in Adult Education
The Case for Undaunted Optimism
The Recovery of Meaning
Man as a Focal point for Chanelling the Light
The Observatory
Living into Change
The Purpose of Meditation Now
The Emergence of a New Humanity