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Jules Cashford The Mystery of Jan van Eyck
Van Eyck Cover

Jan van Eyck, who lived in the fourteenth century, was revered by the artists of the Italian Renaissance as a great master, yet his fame today is somewhat eclipsed by those he inspired. This beautiful film made by Jules Cashford and Hans van Boxtel, and produced by Kingfisher Art Productions, is a homage to the master. It is a ‘mystery’ in the sense of something impossible to explain or understand: do not expect puzzles and solutions! Instead sit back for eighty-five minutes in gentle contemplation of profound spiritual beauty. DVD produced by Kingfisher Art Productions, £15

Jules Cashford has a background in philosophy and literature and lectures on mythology and Jungian psychology. She is co-author, with Anne Baring, of The Myth of the Goddess (1991), and author of The Myth of Isis and Osiris (1994), and The Moon: Myth and Image (2003). Her translation of the Homeric Hymns is published by Penguin (2003) and she is currently working on the Orphic Hymns.