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Chariot of the Sun

Linda Proud

Softback 478pp
ISBN 9781907651137
Publication date August 2018

Price: £12.50

‘Watching young Togidubnus grow from child to adult as the world around him changes out of all recognition is a fascinating experience. Along the way there is adventure, political and palace intrigue, humour and the extraordinary wealth of detail that has characterised Linda Proud's previous books. Chariot of the Soul doesn't disappoint. For me it is one of the best and most unforgettable historical novels I have read.’ - Jenny Lewis.

A Gift for the Magus

Linda Proud

Softback 496pp
ISBN 978-1-907651-03-08
Publication date September 2012

Price: £14.99

'I am lost in admiration for your diabolical invention of a 'prequel' that more or less leaves the reader no option but to rediscover its future by re-reading in due order the entire trilogy.' John Moat

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'The Botticelli Trilogy'

Linda Proud

All three novels, listed below, are available at a special price when bought together of £34.

The Botticelli Trilogy plus A Gift for the Magusis £47.

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tabernacle cover

A Tabernacle for the Sun

Linda Proud

First volume of 'The Botticelli Trilogy'

Softback, 490pp
ISBN 0-9547367-2-9
Published May 2005

Price: £12.50
(Second edition)

"Historical fiction at its best" - Historical Novels Review

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pallas cover

Pallas and the Centaur

Linda Proud

Second volume of 'The Botticelli Trilogy'

Softback, 490pp
ISBN 0-9547367-0-2
Published November 2003

Price: £12.50

"A historical novelist of genius" - Pamela Tudor Craig


Venus cover

The Rebirth of Venus

Linda Proud

Third volume of 'The Botticelli Trilogy'

Softback, 564pp
ISBN 978-0-9547367-6-7
Published February 2008

Price: £14.00

"The most remarkable work I've ever read" - Dr Carol Kidwell


Parzival and the Stone from Heaven

Lindsay Clarke

Softback 240pp
ISBN 978-0-954-73675-0
Publication date May 2011

Price: £9.99

"This is the most important contribution to the Grail Myth since Jessie Weston." John Boorman (director of Excalibur)


The Dance of Life

India Russell

Softback 42pp
ISBN 978-1-907651-01-4
Publication date November 2010

Price: £7

"Many people write poetry; few however are really poets. India Russell is one of the few." Sir Nicholas Pearson.


Awakening Consciousness cover

Awakening Consciousness - Lectures of Sir George Trevelyan

Selected by Keith Armstrong

Softback 200p (est)
ISBN 978-0-9547367-5-0
Publication date November 2008

Price: £14


Out of print

soul gardening cover

Soul Gardening

Jeremy Naydler

Softback, 70pp, illus.
ISBN 0-9547367-3-7
Published March 2006

Price: £10.00

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When I Awaken cover

When I Awaken to Myself

Michael Shepherd

Hardback, 151 pp
ISBN 0-9547367-1-0
Published November 2004

Price £15

"A splendid volume, rich both within and without, which breathes fresh life into the sonnet form at the beginning of the 21st century." - Philip Marvin.

Sample poems

Falling out of the Skin cover

Falling out of the Skin and into the Soul

Noel Cobb

Softback 112pp
ISBN 978-0-9547367-4-3
Publication date November 2006

Price: £10